On Success

What is success? If anything has changed enormously about me over the years it is my definition of success. I am virtually unrecognizable. When I was young I though it was the people everyone knew, fame. College taught me that it was rich and important people. And then I thought it was making everyone jealous by having everything one could aspire to the ideal life. Until for several years I was very unsuccessful and unenviable. It was then that I realize that I always thought that success was about how other people saw me with relation to the life they were living. Today I realize that think I thought that it was people force you to think in the direction they are in.

Now that I’ve met people in all those categories in life and people who do not meet any of them and I’ve failed on my own many times I think it’s something completely different. But the good news is that I finally learned what success is. And yes I think there is only one definition in the world of success.

Once a journalist asked me and it just came out of my mouth.

This is exactly what I said:

I think that we tend to externalize success much more than we would like to admit. Success for many of us is a lot more about how other people see us than how we see ourselves. For me success is about narrowing that gap and working on the best version of myself and therefore the work that I put forward so that I am proud of what other people see.

So ever since I have been working on being successful by narrowing that gap and understanding and reconciling myself with that person. And more and more the person other people see is really me.

Yes there is only one definition with as many units of measurement as there are people in the world.

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