About Me

If I look back at the decades, the years, the months, and the days I have lived I am very selective about what I remember. I remember the moments or days that I achieved things; they were somewhat remarkable because something happened worth remembering. I can point out to a person I met, a result I obtained, or a recognition that I was given. All of it I love because it is extraordinary.

Yet the truth is that something happens everyday. The insignificant days, somehow forgotten, fit into those remarkable moments, working towards them, feeding into them and surrounding them. The person I am today is very different from the person I was ten years ago yet it is the many moments that I have no record of that made me become that person.

But the entrepreneurial journey is hard when you cannot measure it. That is why I began to track the days in between, which we live yet we do not remember, but yet who make us as much of who we are as do the remarkable incidents. I thought that recording my daily learnings would better understand who I was and how the days made me. I found that change and growth happen daily. Writing, naming, and acknowledging the process brought back meaning to my ordinary life.

Change, epiphanies, and growth, do not happen overnight, they are part of a process and this is an attempt to love the process and therefore oneself more, appreciate where we have come and everything that has made us that way.

And what has it done for me beyond the page? It has pushed me to seize more.

So welcome to the days of my life, in hope that they will stimulate you to find happiness and inspiration within yours.

And remember even if you lose this cumulative vision of being human, you are the days.

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