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About • Chiara Condi

Women are the future

and that's why it's my mission to create a more equal world

That's why I am passionate about helping you spread your message about diversity and inclusion today. Through my conferences, consulting work, nonprofit, and activism work I bring the world closer to that future.

I created the non-profit organization Led By HER which empowers women who have suffered from violence through entrepreneurship.

Creating Led By HER was a way to give different forms of entrepreneurship a voice, and to raise a new form of awareness about gender based violence.

We are still 217 years away from achieving gender equality according to the World Economic Forum. In order to bridge this gap the past years have seen a significant rise in the amount of content promoting gender equality--except that it almost all targets women. How can we engage men in this conversation?

That's why I launched my Podcast, The Other Half: Conversations with Men on Gender Equality. The Other Half finds role models in the influential men of our world (CEOs, athletes, actors, etc) who are making a difference in their everyday lives at home and in the workplace to create a more equal world we can all be proud of. And hopefully these stories will inspire many others in every corner of the world.

My Journey 

I have spent my entire professional working on making the world a better place for women, and therefore for all human beings in general.

I spent the first two years of my professional career at the European Bank For Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) working on integrating a gender impact into investment projects across a variety of sectors. Those years taught me that nothing in our world was gender neutral and that we needed more programs for women, built by women. But my heart ached to be on the ground and work directly with women.

So that’s exactly what I did. I went out and created my own non-profit, Led By HER which promotes women’s rights and access to entrepreneurship.  Led By HER has mobilized the business and startup ecosystem to deliver the first program of its kind, to help women who have suffered from violence rebuild their lives through entrepreneurship. Over the years we have done everything from events, to hackathons and policy work to improve the world for women.  Soon after creating Led By HER I yearned to do more for women.

I felt that during my years in the organization I had witnessed numerous issues that I wanted to not only help heal, but actually solve. I did not want to merely address the effects of gender inequality in our society, but instead I wanted to eliminate gender equality entirely.

My journey to doing so has taken me to far away corners of the world (the US, Canada, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Tajikistan, Russia) to advise institutions, create programs, and raise awareness about gender equality.  It has stimulated me to create unique trainings, develop content, contribute to reports, and give conferences. 

My years giving conferences gave rise to an important observation, and that was that way too often, when we talk about gender equality there are  few to no men in the room. That’s what pushed me to begin directing my work towards engaging men on the subject of gender equality. This journey has led me to interview extraordinary male leaders and CEOs around the world for my podcast on the subject called The Other Half.

Ever since COVID, which has forced my own transformation, I have been passionate about finding new ways to work on engaging that purpose I was lucky enough to find at the very beginning of my career and help others doing so through building their own resilience.  You are welcome to read about my own path and join me here.

Women's Rights Protest & March

We all know gender equality is important, but it just how do we achieve it?

I have spent the last ten years working on promoting gender equality through my work at the EBRD and my time as founder of Led By HER. Based on my unique experience I advise corporate clients around the world on creating innovative solutions to place diversity at the heart of their business. I am passionate about helping workplaces understand the importance of diversity across their employees and work with them to implement it.

Learn more my specific areas of expertise and how I can be of value at your organization or next event.

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