On Launch

I can’t believe that I’m launching, I’m writing and I’m doing this finally. It took me a long time and I had to fight against every ounce of procrastination in my body to write this. Every day I have found an amazing excuse for not doing it even if I wanted to. I’m cutting sugar, I’m going to yoga, and I’m doing everything else that I need to do in life. I can’t possibly do this too. But the truth is I can.

As Aristotle says passing to action is key because nothing happens by thinking. “To be excellent we cannot simply think or feel excellent, we must act excellently.”

So I decided to talk about what I love most, the ordinary, but precisely because through this experiment I’ve found it to be extraordinary. So no, I will not brief you on my day, I will not tell you about everyone I meet, my quinoa salad or my avocado smoothie unless it somehow changed me by leaving the tiniest footprint of a thought in my mind. Everything I will tell you about in of itself is insignificant but together it is so significant; it is my life. Or rather it is my life as I read it.

I hope that in reading it you will find keys to yours and the same eagerness to seize its beauty.

And now that it comes with such ease and love, I wonder what kept me from doing it all these years.

I have come to realize that it is the fear that if you don’t like me you will judge my work.

Now I am open to the idea that if you get to know me, maybe you might like me a little more.

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