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I’m an entrepreneur and activist passionate about women’s rights and entrepreneurship and about how innovation can create world change.

Topics That I’m Passionate about and Would Love to Share:

Are You Looking to Promote Women or Solve Gender Inequality in Your Organization? I can help you.

I can deliver a keynote at your next event or I am available for consulting on your next project.

I have spent the last ten years working on promoting gender equality. Based on my unique experience I advise corporate clients around the world on creating innovative solutions to place diversity at the heart of their business. I am passionate about helping workplaces understand the importance of diversity across their employees and work with them to implement it.

As a consultant I deliver training and awareness workshops, help design and implement charters and diversity plans. I have a broad range of knowledge on topics raging from entrepreneurship and innovation as well as women’s rights to diversity, gender based violence and sexual harassment.

As a keynote speaker my passion is engaging with people to empower each person to become a gender equality champion in his or her own life. 

Places that I have spoken at include: Women’s Forum for Economy and Society Toronto 2018, International Gender Aviation Conference Cape Town 2018, Web Summit Lisbon 2017, Vatican UNIAPAC World Congress 2016, UN Women Women’s Day Conference 2019, EU in Tajikistan Conference 2020, OECD Forum 2017, 2018, 2019, Moscow FemFest 2019.

Past Conference Clients: Cartier, VF Group, Zurich Insurance, Société Générale, Somfy, European Union, Ecole des Ponts Business School, Sherman Sterling, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Business Fights Poverty, Credit Agricole, Sherman Sterling, Business Fights Poverty UK.

Want to learn more about my values and work?

In my TedX talk the Creativity of Self Renewal I share what I learned at the beginning of my journey helping women achieve their dreams through entrepreneurship.

Pour toute question relative à l'intervention de Chiara Condi comme speaker pour votre organisation, veuillez contacter directement Monsieur Pascal Bertholon par téléphone au +33184883061 ou par email à pab@a-speakers.fr ou remplir directement le formulaire suivant sur cette page: http://www.a-speakers.fr/intervenant/chiara-condi"

For all questions regarding Chiara Condi's interventions as speaker for your organization, please contact Mr. Pascal Bertholon directly by telephone +33184883061 or by email at pab@a-speakers.fr or fil out the following form:


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