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I’m an entrepreneur and activist passionate about women’s rights and entrepreneurship and about how innovation can create world change.

Topics That I’m Passionate about and Would Love to Share:

Entrepreneurship and Startups

Creating successful ecosystems for supporting women entrepreneurs

Creating successful mentoring programs for women

Creating more inclusive digital economies

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Finding and pursuing your passion, building a mission-driven business

Challenges, obstacles and learning from one’s mistakes

Building your brand and message as an entrepreneur

Building Personal Connection with your audience

Finding and defining success

Lessons on confidence and personal development

Non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurship

How to start a non-profit organization

Creating social innovation and change

Community building and social engagement

Diversity and Equality

Building potential and developing initiative

Creating institutions that work for women

Women’s rights and empowerment

How social and technological innovation can be applied to women’s rights

All subjects related to gender based violence

Helping survivors rebuild their lives through entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship as a means of empowerment

Want to learn more about my values and work?

In my TedX talk the Creativity of Self Renewal I share what I learned at the beginning of my journey helping women achieve their dreams through entrepreneurship.

Pour toute question relative à l'intervention de Chiara Condi comme speaker pour votre organisation, veuillez contacter directement Monsieur Pascal Bertholon par téléphone au +33184883061 ou par email à pab@a-speakers.fr ou remplir directement le formulaire suivant sur cette page: http://www.a-speakers.fr/intervenant/chiara-condi"

For all questions regarding Chiara Condi's interventions as speaker for your organization, please contact Mr. Pascal Bertholon directly by telephone +33184883061 or by email at pab@a-speakers.fr or fil out the following form:


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